List Of LGAs In Bayelsa State, Capital, And LGA Chairmen

LGA In Bayelsa State, Capital, And LGA Chairmen
Alabo Hanson Karima
Belemu Nemine
Inemo Oruebimiekumo
Samuel Akalagbuo
Ibu Williams Mizodome
Richman Samuel Ebipade
Southern Ijaw
Lucky Okedeh
Toby Andy

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What Are The Biggest LGAs In Bayelsa State By Land Area?

According to the Bayelsa State Ministry of Lands and Survey, here are the biggest LGAs in Bayelsa State by land area:

Southern Ijaw (2,682 km2 (1,036 sq mi))

Southern Ijaw is the largest Local Government Area (LGA) in Bayelsa State, located in the southern part of Nigeria. Its headquarters is in Oporoma, situated in the northern part of the area.

Southern Ijaw has a coastline of about 60 kilometers along the Bight of Benin. Covering an area of 2,682 square kilometers, Southern Ijaw had a population of 319,413 according to the 2006 census.

The LGA comprises several towns and villages such as Igbomotoro, Peremabiri, Opuama, Eniwari, Angiama, Diebu, Ondewari, and Aziama.

Ekeremor (1,810 km2 (700 sq mi))

Ekeremor is recognized as one of the largest Local Government Areas (LGAs) by land area. Covering a substantial expanse, Ekeremor spans approximately 1,810 square kilometers (700 square miles), making it one of the most extensive areas within the state.

Situated in the northeastern region of Bayelsa State, Ekeremor boasts a diverse landscape, including a coastline stretching about 60 kilometers along the Bight of Bonny.

This LGA is home to the Ekeremor clan of the Ijaw ethnic group, comprising a population of approximately 270,257 individuals as per the 2006 census data, with a near balance of male and female residents.

Ekeremor consists of a multitude of towns and villages, totaling twenty-eight in number. These settlements include Aiegbe, Aleibiri, Isampou, Oporoma, and others, each contributing to the cultural and social fabric of the area.

The political landscape of Ekeremor is dynamic, with notable figures such as Robinson Etolor and Donald Daunemigha being involved in local governance affairs.

Ogbia (1,698 km2 (656 sq mi))

The biggest Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Bayelsa State by land area include Ogbia. Ogbia is not only one of the largest LGAs in Bayelsa State but also holds historical significance in Nigeria’s economy.

It covers a total land area of 1,698 square kilometers (656 square miles), making it substantial in size. Ogbia is not just a geographical region; it’s a traditional kingdom as well, with its headquarters located in Ogbia Town.

Within the Ogbia Kingdom, there are four clans: Abureni Clan, Anyama Clan, Oloibiri Clan, and Kolo Creek Clan. These clans contribute to the cultural richness and diversity of the area.

Ogbia has also played a key role in Nigeria’s oil industry, being the site where crude oil was first discovered on January 15, 1956, in Oloibiri Town. Moreover, Ogbia is home to a population of over 266,000 people, predominantly fishermen and farmers.

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Brass (1,404 km2 (542 sq mi))

In Bayelsa, Brass is one of the largest Local Government Areas (LGA) by land area. Brass is located along the coast, with its headquarters located in Twon-Brass on Brass Island.

With an extensive area of 1,404 square kilometers (542 square miles), Brass LGA boasts a population of 185,049 people, according to the 2006 census.

One notable feature of Brass is its significant coastline, stretching approximately 90 kilometers along the Bight of Bonny.

The area is characterized by the presence of the Edumanom National Forest, which occupies much of the LGA’s territory. Economically, Brass is richly endowed with natural resources, particularly crude oil and natural gas.

This has attracted several national and international oil mining companies to the area, contributing significantly to its economic development.

Additionally, agriculture plays an important part in the local economy, with crops such as oil palm, plantain, and sugarcane cultivated in the region.

Traditionally, Brass has been a fishing village, with the Brass people engaging in fishing and the production of fishing nets.

Which LGAs In Bayelsa State Are Known For Tourism?

Two of the famous for tourism In Bayelsa are Brass and Southern Ijaw local government area.

Brass LGA

Traveling back in time, Brass was once a major trading center. History lovers will enjoy the Mungo Park Residence, the explorer’s old home.

You can also learn about the past at the Akassa Slave Transit Camp and Tunnel. However, Brass isn’t just about history as It also has amazing beaches. Relax on the soft white sand of Okpoama Beach, or study the calm waters by kayaking or canoeing.

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Southern Ijaw LGA

This large LGA is famous for Palm Beach, a surfer’s dream with long stretches of perfect waves. If surfing isn’t your thing, there’s swimming, kayaking, or paddleboarding in the calmer waters.

Also, Southern Ijaw has lush mangrove forests teeming with birds, where the green meets the blue Atlantic Ocean. You can relax on beautiful Deiama, Okpoama, or Akassa beaches, each with its charm.

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