Complete List Of Current Senators Representing Ekiti State

Current Senators Representing Ekiti State

This article provides a complete list of the current Senators representing Ekiti State in Nigeria. It includes details about their political party, constituency, and the start of their term.

So, If you’re interested in learning more about the people shaping the laws and policies that impact Ekiti State, this is a great resource to get you started.

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List Of Current Senators Representing Ekiti State

Olusegun Cyril Oluwole Fasuyi
Ekiti North
2023 - Present
Michael Opeyemi Bamidele
Ekiti Central
2019 - Present
Adaramodu Adeyemi Raphael
Ekiti North
2023 - Present

1. Olusegun Cyril Oluwole Fasuyi

Of the current senators representing Ekiti State is Olusegun Cyril Oluwole Fasuyi. Senator Fasuyi, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), is serving his first term as a senator for Ekiti North Senatorial District in the 10th Senate.

He was born on July 11, 1965, Senator Fasuyi held the position of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Legacy Foods Limited before he became a senator.

His highest educational qualification is a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. Senator Fasuyi’s tenure as a senator provides an opportunity for him to address issues relevant to Ekiti North District, including infrastructural development, healthcare, education, and youth empowerment.

Through legislative actions and advocacy, he aims to make meaningful contributions towards improving the quality of life for residents of his constituency and promoting the overall progress of Ekiti State.

2. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele

Michael Opeyemi Bamidele

Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, commonly known as MOB, is a Nigerian lawyer, human rights activist, and politician serving as the Majority Leader of the Nigerian Senate since 2023.

He has been representing Ekiti Central senatorial district in the Senate since 2019. Born on July 29, 1963, in Iyin Ekiti, Ekiti State, Bamidele attended Baptist Academy and later Obafemi Awolowo University for a bachelor’s degree in religious studies.

He got a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Benin and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1992. Bamidele furthered his education at Franklin Pierce University, earning a master’s degree in law, and was admitted to the New York Bar in January 1999.

He contested in primary elections for the Federal House of Representatives in 1992 under the Social Democratic Party but lost. Bamidele served as a special assistant on legal matters to Senator Bola Tinubu until 1993.

Subsequently, he had different positions in Lagos State, including Senior Special Assistant on political and intergovernmental relations, Commissioner for Youth, Sports, and Social Development, and Commissioner for Information and Strategy.

Bamidele was elected as a member of the 7th National Assembly in April 2011, representing Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 1. As of July 4, 2023, he assumed the position of Senate Majority Leader, succeeding Abdullahi Ibrahim Gobir.

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3. Adaramodu Adeyemi Raphael

Adaramodu Adeyemi Raphael

Yemi Adaramodu serves as the senator for Ekiti South, having assumed office on June 13, 2023. He represents the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 10th Senate.

Adaramodu’s political journey began as the chief of staff to the governor of Ekiti State before he was elected to the Federal House of Representatives.

During his tenure in the House, he chaired the Committee on Youth Development. Adaramodu contested for the Ekiti South Senatorial District against the incumbent in the Senate election held on February 25, 2023, Abiodun Olujimi of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

He secured victory with 63,189 votes, defeating Olujimi, who recorded 36,191 votes. Adaramodu’s win was facilitated by internal party strife within his opponent’s camp, which led some of their supporters to rally behind him during the election.

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