List Of LGAs In Ogun State and Their Chairmen

List Of LGA In Ogun State, Capital, And LGA Chairman
Abeokuta North
Adebayo Ayorinde
Abeokuta South
Omolaja Ayodele Majekodunmi
Ado-Odo / Ota
Sheriff Adewale Musa
Yewa North
Ogunyomi Oluwole
Yewa South
Salami Lateef Adebayo
Adesina Sikiru Adisa
Moji Delana Tawa
Ijebu East
Adewale Saliu Adebayo
Ijebu North
Ijebu Igbo
Odunsanya Omobolaji
Ijebu North East
Folusho Badejo
Ijebu Ode
Ijebu Ode
Emilola Gazal Badejoi
Olusegun Ogunleye
Fadipe Yaya Akande
Wale Agbetokun
Obafemi Owode
Adesina Ogunsola
Folasade Adeyemo
Ladejobi Shuaib Adebayo
Ogun Waterside
Adekunle Abdulateef Mudashiru
Remo North
Odunsi Adedapo
Odulate Olashile

What Is The Capital Of Ogun State, Nigeria?

Abeokuta is the capital of Ogun State, Nigeria. It serves as the administrative and political center of the state, housing the Ogun State government and playing an important part in the state’s governance.

Abeokuta’s journey to becoming the capital is an interesting one. Founded around 1830 by Sodeke (Shodeke), a leader who united Egba refugees fleeing the Oyo empire, the city quickly grew into a prominent settlement.

In 1976, when Ogun State was carved out of the former Western Region of Nigeria, Abeokuta, with its established infrastructure and historical significance, was a natural choice for the capital city.

Since then, it has continued to be the heart of Ogun State’s administration, overseeing various government functions and serving as a focal point for development initiatives.

Abeokuta possesses several attributes that make it a well-suited capital for Ogun State: Located in the southwestern part of Nigeria, Abeokuta occupies a central position within Ogun State, facilitating effective administration and outreach to all regions.

Abeokuta boasts a well-developed network of roads, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and government buildings, providing the necessary infrastructure to support the functions of a state capital.

As the second-most industrialized state in Nigeria, Ogun State thrives on industries like metal processing. Abeokuta, being a prominent commercial center within the state, contributes significantly to this economic strength.

Abeokuta’s rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks attract visitors and promote a sense of identity and pride among Ogun State residents.

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What Is The Largest LGA In Ogun State By Population?

According to the most recent data from the National Population Commission of Nigeria or the Ogun State government website, Ado-Odo/Ota LGA is the most populous Local Government Area (LGA) in Ogun State, Nigeria.

This dominance in population can be attributed to several factors. Ado-Odo/Ota LGA strategically borders Lagos State, Nigeria’s most populous state.

This proximity enables a vibrant commercial atmosphere, attracting residents seeking employment and business opportunities. The LGA itself has transformed into a major industrial hub within Ogun State, further contributing to its economic pull.

Several industries flourish within Ado-Odo/Ota LGA, including manufacturing, construction, and service sectors. This economic diversity creates a dynamic job market, incentivizing people to settle in the region.

Additionally, the LGA boasts well-developed infrastructure, including transportation networks and educational institutions, which improve the overall quality of life for residents.

Most Developed LGAs In Ogun State?

The most developed LGA in Ogun State are Ado-Odo/Ota and Abeokuta South.

Ado-Odo/Ota LGA

Ado-Odo/Ota LGA location bordering Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial center, promotes a vibrant economic environment. Numerous industries, including manufacturing, construction, and service sectors, thrive within the LGA.

This industrial diversity translates into a robust job market, attracting a skilled workforce and contributing significantly to the LGA’s economic growth. Furthermore, Ado-Odo/Ota LGA boasts a well-developed infrastructure.

A well-maintained transportation network facilitates the movement of goods and people, while educational institutions provide opportunities for residents to enhance their skills.

This focus on infrastructure development fuels economic activity and improves the overall quality of life for residents.

Abeokuta South LGA

As the capital of Ogun State, Abeokuta South LGA naturally enjoys significant investment in infrastructure and social services. Government buildings and institutions are concentrated within this LGA.

The presence of these institutions renders a focus on public services and amenities essential for residents’ well-being. Abeokuta South LGA also houses several educational institutions, offering residents access to quality education.

Additionally, the LGA benefits from a well-developed transportation network, connecting it to other parts of Ogun State and beyond. This infrastructure and social services position Abeokuta South LGA as a developed center within the state.

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Tourist Attractions In LGAs, Ogun State?

Ogun State is filled with amazing things to see and do, spread throughout its many areas. Whether you’re into old stuff, sights in nature, or learning about local culture, Ogun State has something for everyone.

Olumo Rock

  • Olumo Rock (Abeokuta North): This giant rock is like a time machine. It served as a hideout for the Egba people way back when. Today, you can explore caves, secret passageways, and even temples, all while taking in awesome views of the city below.
  • Lisabi Forest (Abeokuta North): This mysterious forest is named after a legendary warrior and is said to be his hiding spot. It’s a peaceful place with lots of plants and animals to see. You can even take a guided tour to learn about Yoruba myths and legends.
  • Ebute Oni Beach (Ogun Waterside): Ebute Oni Beach is the perfect spot to relax by the ocean. Soak up the sun on the golden sands, splash around in the blue water, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are also water sports and yummy local seafood restaurants to try.
  • Omo Forest Reserve (Ogun West): If you love nature, Omo Forest Reserve is your jam. This huge forest is bursting with life, from all sorts of plants and trees to amazing birds and other creatures. Hike through the trails, discover hidden waterfalls, or just breathe in the fresh air and listen to the birds sing.
  • Bilikisu Sungbo Shrine (Ijebu Ode): This important place is where many Yoruba people come to visit. Believed to be the burial ground of a queen named Bilikisu Sungbo shrine is like a museum of Yoruba art and tradition. The carvings and decorations on the walls are incredible.
  • Abeokuta Central Mosque (Abeokuta South): This grand mosque is one of the oldest in Ogun State. With its tall tower and cool geometric patterns, it’s a beautiful example of Islamic architecture.

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